The Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacturing Pathway

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Date: From January 2016

The sector has recently seen an influx of investment and interest from Big Pharma and VCs, in part due to the promising early clinical data from immunotherapies such as CAR T cells and engineered T cells. However, many questions and challenges remain on the path to successfully translating a cell-based therapy into a commercially viable product.

Our expert Guest Editors – Dr Peter Zandstra, University of Toronto; Dr Stephen Ward, Cell Therapy Catapult; and Dr Greg Russotti, Celgene Cellular Therapeutics – have identified the critical issues along the manufacturing pathway and these will be discussed across a 4-part Spotlight Series:

1. Commercial Attributes to Fit Reimbursement RealityCell therapy manufacturing
2. Integration of Manufacturing and Delivery into Healthcare Systems
3. New Approaches to Process Validation and Supply
4. Advances in Analytical Toolkit Development

This Series will help inform the essential discussion and debate concerning the issues at the heart of successful commercialisation – learning from success stories and failures, hearing from experts across industry, government and academic translation centers and helping identify the attributes required to achieve commercial success.