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How short-term gain can lead to long-term pain

Latest Developments in CAR-T Cell Manufacturing

David James


For the commercial success of advanced therapies including CAR-T, they must not only be safe and effective, but also consistently produced and delivered to patients at a cost substantially less than the reimbursable rate. Regardless of whether your therapy is allogeneic or autologous, initial protocols are usually developed using laboratory equipment and skilled research staff completing aseptic operations in BSCs. What many advanced therapy companies either fail to realize or choose to ignore is that the decisions made during early development have a profound and long-lasting impact on the success of the therapy. This article provides valuable insight into some of the factors critical to successful commercialization of an advanced therapy to help prevent short-term gains from becoming long-term pain.

DOI: 10.18609/cgti.2017.018
Citation: Cell Gene Therapy Insights 2017; 3(4), 271-284.
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