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Strategies to Control CAR-T Cell Therapy: Perspective on Next-Generation CARs

Latest Advances in CAR-T Cell Manufacture & Clinical Developments

Eduardo Laborda & Travis S Young

Chimeric antigen receptor T (CAR-T) cells have produced remarkable results in clinical trials, resulting in the recent FDA approval of the first two products, Kymriah and Yescarta, for the treatment of B-cell malignancies. However, clinical experiences of severe adverse events, relapses related to antigen loss and the dearth of successes in solid tumors have defined the challenges to advancing the field. Recently, an explosive growth in synthetic biology strategies to program control into CAR-T cells has created an armamentarium of methods to overcome these challenges. Here we provide an overview of the types of control systems in these next generation CAR-T platforms and provide a perspective on how they address the delicate balance of efficacy and safety with engineered T cells.

DOI: 10.18609/cgti.2018.028
Citation: Cell Gene Therapy Insights 2018; 4(4), 275-285.
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