Separation & Expansion Technologies

Overcoming low cell viability and recovery efficiency through innovative isolation platforms and techniques is vital if cell therapies are to deliver on their considerable promise. In conjunction, innovations in cell expansion media and systems are critical to overcoming the technical and manufacturing challenges facing those developing cell and gene therapies. This spotlight will examine the latest developments in optimising cell yield and quality, including:

  • Novel techniques to ensure the purity of your end product
  • Cell selection technologies; obtaining the cells you want at the start and end of the process, such as CD34 cells in CAR-T
  • The use of promoter technology in vector bioprocessing to improve efficiencies
  • The latest advances in moving to feeder-free media
  • The impact of media on yield
  • Bioreactor types and configurations - what do you need to consider when driving scaleability whilst maintaining product quality
  • Moving towards GMP in expansion technologies - key considerations