Supply Chain Management: PoC considerations, Product Tracking & Data Management

From the point of collection through to point of care delivery of advanced therapies to patients, there are myriad challenges that must be overcome to enable product commercialization. From sourcing clinical grade cells/tissue, training requirements through cost implications to regulatory compliance, this spotlight will discuss in detail pressing issues such as:

  • Key practical considerations across the whole supply chain - from vein-to-vein - including the procurement and handling of your soure material to ensure quality, safety and compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Storage infrastructure requirements at Point of Care: Are we suitably geared up for cell and gene therapies becoming routine clinical practice
  • The impact of different thawing techniques on quality and viability of cell and gene products
  • What are the implications of the current regulatory guidance on PoC handling, storage and thawing?
  • End to end tracking of your product; in-flight monitoring of product to ensure quality at the bed side
  • Big data management across the supply chain
  • Utilizing advanced, cloud-ready software systems to effectively and efficiently manage data