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Presenting a webinar with Cell & Gene Therapy Insights gives you an efficient and cost-effective way to:

  • Generate qualified leads from amongst the global cell and gene therapy community
  • Demonstrate your company’s expertise and capabilities
  • Stimulate discussion around a topic of significant importance to your customers
  • Educate individuals on crucial regulatory, scientific or technical issues
  • Make a noise around a new product or service offering launch

Our webinar packages include:

  • As much support as you need in terms of topic selection and agenda development, format selection, and speaker panel identification and invitation
  • Full hosting and technical support, including rehearsals as needed
  • A comprehensive promotional plan, including multiple email shots to our database , website and enewsletter marketing, and social media
  • A host from our editorial team to ensure the webinar runs smoothly on the day
  • Registration and attendee lists for the webinar, including contact details
  • A report on the questions submitted during the live webinar so you can follow up directly with individuals afterwards and continue the discussion
  • Hosting of the webinar recording on an indefinite basis with ongoing lead generation
  • On-demand webinar provided to you for hosting on your own site
  • Download our Webinar GuideWebinars can stand alone or can be included in a Spotlight, depending on the topic and timing fit.2018 Webinar Calendar

    You can also access our on-demand webinars:



    Advances in viral vector technology: Anc-AAV & evolutionary guided vector design
    Dr Luk H. Vandenberghe, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary; Moderator: Dr Dirk Grimm, Heidelberg University Hospital
    Sponsored by Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary


    “One Word: Plastics” – The Role of Material Science in Cell Therapy Manufacturing
    Natasha Boghosian and Dr Katie Campbell, Saint Gobain
    Sponsored by Saint Gobain

    CAR-T Cell Manufacturing Advances and Challenges
    Dr Isabelle Riviere, Memorial Sloan Kettering
    Sponsored by Miltenyi Biotec


    Advances in preserving, storing & managing the supply chain for cell & gene therapies
    Simon Ellison (Fisher Bioservices), Francis Meacle (J&J) and Dominic Clarke (charter Medical)


    Addressing the Critical Bottlenecks in the Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacturing Pathway
    Hosted by Dr Peter Zandstra (University of Toronto); Expert Panel: Dr Dolores Baksh (GE Healthcare), Dr Krish Roy (Georgia Tech) & Dr Gregory Russotti (Celgene)
    Sponsored by GE Healthcare


    Optimizing Supply Chain Design to Ensure Commercial Success: The Journey is as Important as the Destination
    Dr Simon Ellison and Kristen Franklin, Fisher Bioservices
    Sponsored by Fisher Bioservices


    Cell Therapy Manufacturing Webinar: Key Factors Influencing Manufacturing Business Models
    Panel discussion moderated by Barbara Nelsen, Nelsen Biomedical, USA

    • Dr Kim Warren, AVROBIO, USA
    • Dr Aaron Dulgar-Tulloch, GE Healthcare/CCRM, Canada
    • Patrick Rivers, Aquilo Partners, USA


    Automation of Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing: Vein to Vein
    Panel discussion moderated by Dr Qasim Rafiq, University College London, UK.

    • Dr Amit Chandra, Yposkesi, France
    • Dr Jelena Ochs, Fraunhofer Institute
    • Dr Alaina Schlinker, Fresenius Kabi, USA

    Sponsored by Fresenius Kabi


    Cell & Gene Therapies for Rare Diseases: Navigating the Pathway to Market
    The promising early clinical data from gene therapies for rare diseases has seen a resurgence in investment and optimism in the field. This On Demand Webinar provides an opportunity to hear from three leading experts at the forefront of developing these potentially curative therapies:

    • Dr Sven Kili, VP and Head of Cell & Gene Therapy Development, GSK, UK
    • Mr Geoff MacKay, CEO, AVROBIO, USA
    • Ms Sue Washer, CEO, AGTC, USA

    JANUARY 2018

    Built to Scale: Strategic Considerations to Meet Production Demands in Cell and Gene Therapy
    Efficient and effective scale-up of production for viral vectors and allogeneic cell therapies and scale-out of production for autologous cell therapies are absolutely key to the development of commercially viable products. This webinar provides an opportunity to hear from leading experts Dr Stephen Ward, Chief Operating Officer, Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult, UK, Dr Ian Gaudet, Director of Process Development, Miltenyi Biotec, USA and Ms Heather Embree, Director, Commercial Operations, Lentigen, USA.
    Sponsored by Miltenyi Biotec

    Case Studies in Cell & Gene Therapy Process Optimization
    Presentation with leading expert Dr David DiGiusto, Stanford University School of Medicine, USA, as he shares his extensive experience in developing and optimizing manufacturing processes for cell and gene therapy products including. This will be followed by a presentation by Dr Alaina Schlinker, Fresenius Kabi, as she discusses practical approaches to addressing some of the key processing challenges for cell and gene therapy products.
    Sponsored by Fresenius Kabi

    FEBRUARY 2018

    Commercial-scale viral vector manufacture: Technical challenges & strategic implications
    Following recent mainstream media coverage of reported supply and demand mismatch, viral vectors now dominate much of the discussion within the cell and gene therapy sector. This On Demand panel webinar provides insight from three leading experts at the forefront of vector manufacturing, as they share their first-hand experiences in moving to commercial-scale manufacture of viral vectors.
    Sponsored by Pall Biotech

    GMP Raw Materials for Cell Therapy Manufacture: What, When and How?
    The cell and gene therapy industry is entering an exciting phase of accelerated growth, which carries many logistics challenges right from the start of the supply chain. Watch this On Demand webinar moderated by leading expert Jean Stanton (Director, Regulatory Compliance, Johnson & Johnson), as she discusses the critical aspects of raw materials for cell therapy manufacture with our expert panel.
    Sponsored by BioTechne

    For more information, and to discuss your needs, please contact Nicola McCall, Head of Business Development, at n.mccall@insights.bio
    Tel.: +44 (0)1732 463215
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