Adipose stem cell therapy bags $20 million in Series D financing

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Sanford Health, an integrated health system provider has invested $20 million in InGeneron’s adipose stem cell therapy to treat various orthopedic conditions.

InGeneron is a Houston, Texas-based regenerative medicine and cell therapy company focused in developing adipose stem cell therapy to treat various orthopedic and wound healing indications. The company uses its proprietary technology, which enables physicians to use adipose-derived regenerative cells from the patient’s own body for immediate therapeutic application at point of care.

The current Series D funding is in addition to the existing collaboration between InGeneron and Sanford Health to conduct clinical trials to treat rotator cuff tears and venous ulcers at different sites in the Sanford Health network. The studies aim to investigate the safety and efficacy of using autologous adipose-derived regenerative cells in patients compared to current standard of care treatments. With the aim of regulatory approval in the US, the first patients were enrolled in InGeneron’s clinical program in January 2017.

The trial uses stromal vascular fraction, a mixture of cells and nutrients isolated from a patient’s own body that contain adipose-derived stem cells, as a potential therapy for partial-thickness rotator cuff tears. Sanford scientists and clinicians are exploring the application of this type of stem cells for other conditions.

Ron Stubbers, President of InGeneron commented: “This significant investment demonstrates Sanford’s commitment to be an active participant in InGeneron as well as being our clinical trial site of choice. Our joint efforts will enable the company to make regenerative cell therapies available to clinical practice and to establish a leading position in the application of adipose-derived regenerative cells.”

Source: Hospital group invests $20M in stem cell therapy biotech; Press Release