Pluristem and Thermo Fisher to collaborate on cell therapy industrialization

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Pluristem Therapeutics, a developer of placenta-based cell therapy products, has entered into a strategic collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific with the aim to advance fundamental knowledge of cell therapy industrialization and to improve quality control across the end-to-end supply chain.

This agreement will combine Pluristem’s cell therapy manufacturing, clinical development and quality control expertise with Thermo Fisher’s cell therapy development and bioproduction scaleup experience. The goal of the collaboration is to enable mass production of millions in therapeutic dose of regenerative medicines through the transformation of cell therapy manufacturing into a large scale, high capacity industry. At present there are over 850 companies working on the development of regenerative medicines and advanced therapies, and approximately 900 clinical trials being conducted, with several approved and marketed products worldwide. In order to address unmet medical needs, change is required in the supply chain of equipment, consumables, reagents and storage systems.

“From early on, our strategy was to build an in-house manufacturing facility. Having achieved that, we are now in a unique position within the industry, and have a broad understanding of its needs. Thermo Fisher, known for its biopharmaceutical infrastructure, materials supply, logistics, and manufacturing expertise is a perfect partner for Pluristem. This initiative has the potential to advance the industry significantly, allowing regenerative medicine to realize its potential, treating millions of patients globally while reducing healthcare spending. We look forward to a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership,” commented Pluristem President and Co-CEO Yaky Yanay.

Source: Pluristem Signs Collaboration Agreement With Thermo Fisher Scientific
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