Cell Medica successfully dose first patient with innovative CAR-NKT cell therapy

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Cell Medica, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing CAR therapies for the treatment of solid and hematological cancer, have announced that the first patient worldwide has been successfully dosed with CMD-501, an innovative autologous CAR-NKT therapy targeting pediatric neuroblastoma.

The patient received the treatment as part of the ongoing GINAKIT2 trial, an open-label phase I study which is being carried out in collaboration with the Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) and Texas Children’s Hospital. This trial is the first-in-human, dose escalation evaluation of CMD-501 in children with relapsed or refractory (R/R) high-risk neuroblastoma. This cell therapy is based on Cell Medica’s novel CAR-NKT platform and utilizes an autologous approach. NKT cells are extracted from the patient, and genetically engineered with a CAR targeting GD2, which is expressed on the surface of most neuroblastoma cells. This cell therapy also secretes IL-15, a cytokine which has demonstrated the ability to increase the persistence of CAR-NKT cells and improve their efficacy within the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment in preclinical studies. Cell Medica are also collaborating with BCM to develop an off-the-shelf CAR-NKT cell product to the clinic.

Chris Nowers, CEO of Cell Medica said: “We believe that our CAR-NKT platform has a unique profile, with a potential to target solid and hematological tumors, as well as the possibility of a subsequent allogeneic “off the shelf” CAR-NKT therapy that could address some challenges of current autologous CAR-T therapies. This study marks an important step forward for Cell Medica and we are proud to be leading the development of this innovative class of next generation CAR therapies with our colleagues at BCM and Texas Children’s.”

Source: Cell Medica: First Neuroblastoma Patient Successfully Dosed with Innovative CAR Therapy Utilizing Natural Killer T Cells (CAR-NKT) Press Release