Latest Advances in Automated Platforms for Autologous Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacturing

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Whether it’s to increase process robustness, enable decentralized manufacturing, or simply to deliver badly needed cost and time efficiencies, autologous cell & gene therapy manufacturers are crying out for a new generation of closed, automated technology platforms. Watch this on demand webinar to understand the capabilities and potential of the current state-of-the-art platforms in cell & gene therapy manufacturing, where our speakers will discuss:

    • Step by step guidance on how to establish a robust and reproducible GMP manufacturing process;
    • Latest evolution of Cocoon Systems and examples of the impact they can have on reducing process times and ultimately cost of goods;
    • Specific case studies demonstrating the translation of multiple processes into a single automated workflow.
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Eytan Abraham, Head of Research & Development for Emerging Technologies, Lonza

Dr. Eytan Abraham heads Lonza Cell and Viral Therapy R&D. Dr. Abraham’s groups develop and tests enabling technologies and platforms to facilitate manufacturing of cell and gene therapies, both patient scale/autologous and allogeneic, for clinical and commercial use. Examples of ongoing projects include 3D scalable bioreactors for allogeneic cell therapies, the automated Cocoon system for autologous cell therapies, and Ancestral AAV viruses.
Previously, Dr. Abraham was Head of Product Innovation at Pluristem Therapeutics, where he led the development of a pipeline of MSC therapies tailored for multiple clinical indications.

Dr. Abraham holds a Ph.D. in developmental biology from the University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute and conducted his post-doctoral training on tissue engineering and cell therapy at the Harvard-MIT Biomedical Engineering Center and Harvard Medical School.

Darrin Kuijstermans, Process Development Manager, Lonza

Darrin Kuystermans is a Process Development Manager at Lonza involved in contract cell therapy manufacturing, executing process development and bioanalytical projects while working with clients to drive process/assay transfer, optimization, qualification, and tech transfer. He got his PhD at University College Dublin in the field of Chemical & Bioprocess Engineering. His postdoctoral research involved working on an industry led project in the area of biopharmaceutical manufacturing optimization using PAT/QbD to enhance bioprocesses operations. Dr. Kuystermans also has gained experience in media optimization, bioreactor design and contract manufacturing projects in the mammalian cell culture biologics arena by having worked for several CMO's in the past 20 years. Before his work at Lonza, Darrin Kuystermans was the Associate Director of a Protein Production Facility at SBP where he setup and directed operations at a bioprocess facility in order to produce multiple platform based custom biomolecules for both internal and external contracted projects.

Yaling Shi, Senior Manager, R&T, Lonza

Dr. Yaling Shi leads Autologous Cell Therapy Technology Platform development for the last 2 years in Lonza. Prior to join Lonza, Dr. Shi was the director of R&D at AlloSource, where she developed and commercialized two cellular products AlloStem® (a stem-cell based bone growth substitute) and ProChondrix® (a chondrocytes based live cartilage product). Dr. Shi holds a PhD in Applied Biomedical Engineering from Cleveland State University.

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