Anc-80: latest updates on the novel Anc-AAV gene therapy vector

Adeno-associated viral vectors (AAV) have shown great promise for sustained expression of a therapeutic gene in vivo. Obstacles remain however for gene therapy to broaden its impact beyond niche indications; currently clinically considered AAVs are repurposed naturally occurring viral entities that bring with them limitations imposed by its viral biology. For example, AAV is endemic in humans which results in a large proportion of patients harboring memory responses to AAV antigens, preventing them from benefiting from a future AAV gene therapy. Efforts therefore have turned to building novel synthetic AAV-based gene transfer vehicles that diverge sufficiently from their natural peers, such as the Anc-80 AAV vector. This spotlight, in partnership with Lonza, provides insight into the development and manufacture of a novel synthetic viral vector: Anc-80 AAV, with a collection of peer-reviewed articles and interviews with leading experts.