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Introducing Immuno-Oncology Insights

Welcome to Immuno-Oncology Insights! A new, Open Access, independently peer-reviewed journal specifically designed to fill a number of clear, crucial gaps in the current slate of publications for the academic and industrial immuno-oncology communities.
Through its review- and commentary-style article formats, I-O Insights will place challenges and progress in a variety of I-O technology fields and modalities in context, collating recent data/approaches and providing much-needed perspective on what they actually mean – both for each given area’s own prospects and future directions, and for the I-O field as a whole.

I-O Insights will share the learnings and insights of acknowledged, experienced academic and industry experts and KOLs from across the field to help guide future approaches to addressing the myriad challenges they and others face.

I-O Insights will span the checkpoint inhibitor antibody, bispecific antibody, ADC, virotherapy, cancer vaccine and cellular immunotherapy fields (not an exhaustive list) and will examine these distinct technology areas and approaches both individually and collectively, offering cross-learnings as well as benchmarking and competitive analysis opportunities.

10 Key Themes for year 1:

I-O Insights will provide a unique combination of detailed, practically valuable technical content and ‘big-picture’ trends analysis. Your days of missing meaningful expert assessment of the true significance of individual pieces of I-O data and technology are over!

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