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Introducing Immuno-Oncology Insights

Driven by the blockbuster success of checkpoint inhibitor antibodies and the clinical promise and rapid maturation of the cellular immunotherapy field, immuno-oncology continues to dominate headlines and biopharma M&A activity and investment alike as we enter a new decade.

The tremendous recent surge in novel technology platforms and modalities in the space have presented a dizzying array of mono and combination therapy development opportunities, simultaneously affording once-hot approaches that had faded into the background a second chance in the spotlight.

However, while it is an undeniably buoyant period for the space, increasingly fierce competition, uncertainty in the healthcare marketplace and a plethora of stubborn R&D and manufacturing challenges ensure there is no shortage of demand for strategic insights and practical advice from the thought-leaders who have brought us this far, and who will continue to shape the future of immuno-oncology for years to come

BioInsights is proud to welcome you to this dedicated venue for discussion and analysis of the major talking points in cancer immunotherapy today.

Spanning every key component technology area and modality, this is a unique resource to help you stay abreast of the critical trends, issues and breakthroughs in immuno-oncology translational and clinical R&D, manufacture, regulation, market access and investment.

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