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Cell & Gene Therapy Insights

Cell & Gene Therapy Insights


Assessing the future prospects of upstream bioprocessing systems for commercial AAV production

Scott A Jeffers


Scott A Jeffers is a Director of Process Development at uniQure LLC. He has been in and out of gene therapy since 1997 when as a graduate student at Purdue University in Dr David A Sanders’ lab where he worked on pseudotyping lentiviral and retroviral gene therapy vectors with Ebola virus glycoproteins. He moved out of gene therapy and became a virologist studying SARS virus with Dr Kathryn V Holmes and then made the jump to France were he worked at the Institute Pasteur with Dr Felix Ray elucidating the x-ray crystal structures of the glycoproteins of Rift Valley fever virus and other deadly viruses. He finally broke into industry and back into gene therapy when he worked at Brammer Bio in Florida.

DOI: 10.18609/cgti.2019.134
Citation: Cell & Gene Therapy Insights 2019; 5(11), 1275–1279.
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