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Immuno-oncology cell therapies: commercial considerations and strategies for the new decade

Immuno-oncology: manufacturing and commercial business models for the new decade

Glen Firestone

The first two CAR-T therapies demonstrated impressive efficacy data, and following their FDA approval in 2017, there has been tremendous excitement in the scientific and investment community for immuno-oncology cell ther-apies. In the last few years, there has been unprecedented growth in the number of biotech startups and cell ther-apy clinical trials, supported by an infusion of cash from private (venture capital) and public (capital markets) enti-ties, as well as acquisitions and strategic partnerships with pharmaceutical companies. It is anticipated that the in-troduction of these novel cell therapies will dramatically improve patients’ lives and fundamentally transform the healthcare landscape in this new decade. This commercially oriented article focuses on innovative immu-no-oncology cell therapies and explores key opportunities and challenges facing biotech companies, commercial plans to drive success, and strategies to disrupt the market.

DOI: 10.18609/cgti.2020.091
Citation: Cell & Gene Therapy Insights 2020; 6(6), 789–798
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