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Cell & Gene Therapy Insights

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Strategies for Dealing with Donor Variability

Critical Role of Automation in the Manufacture of Cell & Gene Therapies

Daniel Gibson, Christopher Leonforte & Alejandro Madrigal

The growth of cell and gene therapies has opened the doors to revolutionary new treatment options by harnessing the power of the body’s own cells (or donors cells in an allogenic setting). Cells that are highly specialised in a complex network, further modified to overcome the complexity of disease evasion. complex solutions come with complex challenges one of which is the donor variability associated to the cell source. Stem cell transplant have been a curative treatment for patients with blood cancer and other haematological disorders for over 60 years. Here we explore the challenges and strategies employed in this setting to overcome the hurdles of donor variability.

DOI: 10.18609/cgti.2018.087
Submitted for review: August 24, 2018
Citation: Cell Gene Therapy Insights 2018; 4(9), 901-909.
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