Cell and Gene Therapy Insights

Senior Editor: Prof. Chris Mason, UCL, UK

Cell and gene therapy offer unique opportunities to develop new therapeutic approaches to treat and potentially cure myriad diseases. Cell and Gene Therapy Insights addresses the important challenges and advances these converging fields face, publishing original research, reviews, commentary articles and clinical trial reports.

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Why Publish with Us?



We work closely with our Editorial Advisors, who are leading experts in their fields, to shape the scope of our publications ensuring each article adds value to the field.


Rigorous Peer Review

We ensure the highest standards of publication are met and all articles undergo critical analysis by at least 3 independent reviewers prior to making our editorial decision.


Translational Scope

We take the unique position of ensuring our publications help bridge the translational gap – publishing content relevant to all stakeholders and focusing on how advances in basic research can translate into new therapies.



Rapid decision making by our editorial team – typically 8 weeks from submission to publication online.


Broad reach

As an advocate of open access publishing and to support advances and dissemination in research, articles published on BioInsights are freely and permanently accessible online.