Editas and Adverum Biotech collaborate on delivering gene therapy for retinal diseases

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The collaboration brings together Adverum’s expertise in ophthalmology and adeno-associated viral (AAV) vector development with the CRISPR-based gene editing capabilities of Editas Medicine, to create therapies for debilitating eye diseases that have poor existing treatments.

Adverum Biotechnologies, a California-based gene therapy company focused on the discovery and development of therapeutics for retinal and rare diseases, has initiated a collaboration with Editas Medicine, for the delivery of genome editing medicines to treat up to five inherited retinal diseases.

Paul Cleveland, CEO of Adverum Biotechnologies commented: “We are pleased to bring together our gene therapy capabilities with Editas’ CRISPR based approach to genome editing. Our innovative vectors have the potential to deliver Editas’ genome editing components efficiently to the retina. This collaboration expands our opportunities to capitalize on our science, ophthalmology expertise and vector development know-how.”

Under the terms of the agreement, Editas will pay Adverum an upfront fee of $1 million to evaluate Adverum’s next-generation AAV vectors for use in clinical development. It will also pay for all preclinical activities related to this collaboration, partially via the upfront payment. Editas will also pay another $1 million option exercise fee for each indication it chooses to pursue under this partnership. Adverum is eligible to receive development and commercial milestone payments and royalties.

Katrine Bosley, CEO of Editas Medicine commented: “As we continue to invest in our genome editing platform, we are delighted to collaborate with Adverum Biotechnologies on next-generation AAV vectors. Adverum brings a distinctive technology and experience base, and this collaboration aligns highly with our broader, multi-faceted delivery strategy.”

Source: Editas partners to bring CRISPR to gene therapy in inherited retinal diseases; Press Release