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Cell & Gene Therapy Insights

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Commercial Insight – August 2015

Alan Boyd, Mark Curtis & Rahul Sarugaser


Providing a critical overview of the sector’s commercial developments – M&As, licensing agreements & collaborations, financial results, IPOs and clinical/regulatory updates, with commentary from our Expert Contributors.

Gene therapy:

From the past months’ news stories it is clear that gene therapy companies and their products are generating a lot of interest, particularly in the investment arena. The IPO window has been open for some time now for companies developing advanced medicines and for the time being it looks like this is going to continue to happen. Big Pharma are also very interested in the sector now as evidenced by the deals being driven by them; this is a very different picture from as recent as 5 years ago. Finally, it is good that the sector is now having to consider the price of gene-based therapies. In my view this is a nice problem to have as a few years ago a discussion about price was way down the agenda, at least publically. Having open discussions about price has only come about due to the fact that gene-based products are getting closer to market and hopefully becoming available to patients – so not such a bad issue to be facing for many reasons.

Cell therapy:

The biotech industry is currently enjoying tech-like valuations for novel paradigms at early stages of development, including cell-based immunotherapy, ex vivo gene therapy, and antibodies targeting cancer stem cells (Stemcentrx, a private pre-clinical company with a $3 billion valuation). Either the innovation is real, or we are in the largest biotech bubble in history. Given the curative potential of these new paradigms and the robustness of platforms in industry, we would argue the former.

DOI: 10.18609/cgti.2015.005
Citation: Cell Gene Therapy Insights 2015; 1(1), 21-33.
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