A winning combination in the war against deadly cancers: exploring new opportunities for combining antibody–drug conjugates and cancer immunotherapies

Published: 25 April 2022
Rakesh Dixit

Antibody–drug conjugates (ADCs), also known as magic bullets, have revolutionized cancer treatment. Due to their unprecedented growth and the approval of 12 ADCs – including seven new approvals by the US FDA in the last 2 years alone – this treatment modality has received a high level of funding from investors in the space. By combining the targeting power of antibodies with highly potent payloads, including cancer-destroying cytotoxic warheads or other immune modalities, ADCs represent an invaluable tool for cancer treatment. But after the significant challenges faced by previous generations, will next-generation ADCs become authentic magic bullets? And given their current safety profiles, how can they best be combined with immuno-oncology therapeutics? Rationale and innovative approaches for combination of ADCs and immunotherapy will be explored.

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