Process optimization of mRNA purification for vaccines and therapeutic applications
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Process optimization of mRNA purification for vaccines and therapeutic applications

Thursday 08:00 PDT / 11:00 EDT / 16:00 BST / 17:00 CEST
Process optimization of mRNA purification for vaccines and therapeutic applications

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The success of mRNA vaccines in combating a global pandemic highlights the power of this technology not only to revolutionize prophylactic treatments for infectious diseases, but also to treat other diseases such as cancer. Critical to bringing these medicines to patients is an efficient, effective, and scalable downstream production process.

One of the molecular hallmarks of mRNA is its 3-prime poly-A tail, consisting of many consecutive adenylate bases. Leveraging fundamental A:T base complementarity, an affinity resin was developed to simplify affinity capture of in vitro transcribed mRNA.

This webinar will address the development, characterization, and optimization of an mRNA capture step using POROS Oligo(dT)25 resin. mRNA research techniques have developed over several decades, and associated traditional purification methods have proven challenging to scale. A newer affinity solution leveraging the rigid POROS backbone with its linear pressure-flow relationship enables a consistent purification platform, from process development through to clinical manufacturing.

  • Considerations for selection of affinity capture step in the downstream purification of mRNA
  • Performance data of the POROS Oligo(dt)25 affinity resin under various conditions and feeds
  • Practical approaches via Design of Experiments (DoE) to optimize binding capacity and yield an effective capture step for mRNA vaccines and therapeutics
  • Effective strategies to control cost of goods including resin cleaning and re-use conditions, and performance data
Chantelle Gaskin
Chantelle Gaskin
Staff Scientist, Field Applications at Thermo Fisher Scientific

Chantelle Gaskin is a Field Applications Staff Scientist, specializing in protein and viral vector purification and downstream process development. She held leadership positions at Applied Genetic Technology Corporation and Brammer Bio, prior to joining the Thermo Fisher Scientific Bioproduction Division in 2020. With over 10 years of experience in gene therapy, Chantelle has accumulated comprehensive knowledge of standard industry practices and regulatory standards, applying this knowledge to advance development of therapies for a variety of indications including ocular, CNS and systemic disease.

Chantelle holds a Master’s degree in Chemistry from University of Florida and a Bachelor’s in Chemistry from Smith College.