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BioInsights – the publisher of Immuno-Oncology Insights – is your content marketing partner for life sciences.

About Immuno-Oncology Insights

"I had an interest in immuno-oncology and cell therapies long before I could start working with them and during that time I was reading a lot of articles from BioInsights. It is very nice to know I might be able to contribute to the next generation`s interest in the field." Dr Pelin Candarlioglu, Senior Cell Biologist, Chair of Industry Advisory Board at EUROoCS

Immuno-Oncology Insights is a new, open access, independently peer reviewed publication specifically designed to fill a number of clear and important gaps in the current slate of journals for the industrial and academic and immuno-oncology communities.

Guided by an editorial board lead by Jon Wigginton, MD and Renier J. Brentjens, MD, PhD, Immuno-Oncology Insights places R&D challenges and progress across a wide variety of technology fields in context. 

The publication collates and analyzes recent data for - and address challenges specific to - therapeutic modalities ranging from checkpoint inhibitors to cellular immunotherapies, and from oncolytic virotherapies to bispecifics.

Uniquely, Immuno-Oncology Insights provides much-needed perspective on what these data actually mean - both for each given technology area’s own prospects and future directions, and for the field as a whole.

Immuno-Oncology Insights provides a unique online content marketing and lead generation opportunity:

  • Active engagement of key stakeholders from across the global community all year round
  • The chance to target organizations at varying stages of the R&D pipeline: Universities, spin-outs, biotechs, pharma, hospitals, investors and analysts
  • An alternative to the ever-more-crowded and expensive conference market
  • A means by which you can access the people funding the sector, those making the key new discoveries, and the individuals driving the delivery of safe and effective therapies to patients

What we can do for you?

We can:

  • Work closely with you to create quality written and multimedia content of high value to your target audience
  • Offer you opportunities to re-purpose scientific and educational content you have already developed and make it available to a global audience
  • Raise your company’s profile, demonstrate your capabilities, and enhance your reputation as a thought-leader in the sector
  • Play a key role in your lead generation activities
  • Provide support in the development of your content marketing strategy and tactics for this sector
  • Ensure your leading scientists are seen as Subject Matter Experts throughout your target market
  • Help you disseminate your content to a global audience within the immuno-oncology community.

Content marketing is all about partnership

We can work closely with you - and your Scientific Advisory Board if you wish - to develop high quality content to demonstrate your thought-leadership:

  • Your own special focus issue or ebook on the topic of your choice
  • Client case studies, interviews and co-presentations
  • Videos, webinars, podcasts and roundtables

We seek to find out as much as we can about who you are targeting, and then work to ensure the maximum number of relevant individuals are interacting with your content
We don’t sell off-the-shelf solutions. All the packages we provide are tailored to your precise marketing, educational and business development objectives.

Who can you reach?

Immuno-oncology Insights is designed for both academics and industry professionals currently struggling with the sheer weight of content and publications across the rapidly growing space.

Readership includes scientists and executives from big pharma, biotech, academia and government-funded institutions focused on checkpoint inhibitors, antibody and bispecific antibody therapeutics, oncolytic virus therapies, cancer vaccines and T cell/NK cell therapy fields:

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How can you reach them?

We offer a broad range of options, any of which can be tailored to match your current marketing and business development priorities. These include:

Sponsorship of spotlights - regular focused featured comprising peer-reviewed articles, webinars, interviews and roundtables

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Participating in our webinar programme

  • We offer as much editorial support as you wish – topic selection and development, identifying and inviting KOLs to participate on your webinar’s panel, and managing panel arrangements such as question development
  • Take the chance to have your webinar transcribed and edited into a full article, or to have a poster created summarising the key learnings. These are both great ways to re-purpose your content, increasing reach and longevity and making it searchable. For examples, please click here
  • Find out more about how our webinar programme could work for you here
  • Deliver a 30-minute live presentation, an ideal way to showcase your technology or service to time-poor executives and/or scientists. And add a poster or article output to maximise the value of your content.

Having one of your senior executives or scientists interviewed by our editorial team, with the resulting video, podcast and/or transcript included in an issue of the online journal

Publish an open access, peer-reviewed article, with a license to use the article on Your own website and in print at conferences

Record a FastFacts video showcasing your technology, your latest data or an application note. We will produce a one page poster summarising the key learning points and takeaways.

Work with us to convene a roundtable of KOLs to discuss a key topic area. Your roundtable will be published as both an on-demand video and a written article.

We can also act as your content marketing consultant in this sector, working closely with you (and your Scientific Advisory Board, if you wish) to develop your own topic spotlight and other value-add content such as videos, animations, surveys and infographics.

Who do we work with?

Immuno-oncology Insights provides a targeted content marketing, lead generation and promotional channel for companies providing products and services to the fast-growing sector, including:

  • Preclinical and clinical CROs, and providers of lab services & tools
  • IT & tool providers, including for novel target and biomarker discovery, measuring immunological and tumour responses, and imaging
  • Manufacturing equipment and media providers
  • CDMOs & CMC service providers
  • Delivery platform and technology developers
  • Market access and regulatory consultants

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