BioInsights - Personalized cancer vaccines: more is more?

Personalized cancer vaccines: more is more?

Vaccine Insights 2022; 1(3), 149–154

DOI: 10.18609/vac.2022.025

Published: 22 July 2022
Niranjan Sardesai

We caught up with Geneos Therapeutics Founder Niranjan Sardesai to learn more about the company’s highly personalized cancer vaccines, which target up to 40 tumor neoantigens in a single DNA plasmid vaccine.

Niranjan Sardesai is Founder, President, and CEO of Geneos Therapeutics. He is recognized as an expert in nucleic acid vaccines and immunotherapies and led the development of the DNA medicines technologies that are at the core of Geneos’ GT-EPIC™ platform. Previously he served as Chief Operating Officer and Head of R&D at Inovio Pharmaceuticals. He was responsible for the development pipeline and led the capital-raising efforts for the company via strategic out-licensing of pipeline products to secure major licensing deals totaling over $1 Bn and securing over $150M in non-dilutive grants and contracts from funding agencies. Dr. Sardesai received a PhD in Chemistry from the California Institute of Technology and an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where he was the recipient of the Shils-Zeidman Award in Entrepreneurship