Testing in times of COVID-19: legacy & unfinished agenda

Vaccine Insights 2023; 2(9), 309–316


Published: 23 August 2023
Carolina Batista, Yanis Ben Amor, Onder Ergonul, Peter Figueroa, Sarah C. Gilbert, Mayda Gursel, Emma Hannay, Mazen Hassanain, Peter Hotez, Gagandeep Kang, Jerome Kim, Bhavna Lall, Heidi Larson, Sarah-Jane Loveday, Denise Naniche, Timothy Sheahan, Shmuel Shoham, Nathalie Strub-Wourgaft, Samba Sow, Annelies Wilder-Smith, Prashant Yadav, Joe Fitchett, Amadou Sall, Maria Elena Bottazzi

Fast and effective testing is a critical part of pandemic preparedness and response; however, during the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been major disparities in access to diagnostic tests. Here, we outline barriers and progress toward equitable access to diagnostics during the COVID-19 pandemic and highlight important lessons learned for the future.