Clinical Applications of Regulatory T cells in Adoptive Cell Therapies

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Gregory P Marshall II, Judit Cserny, Daniel J Perry, Wen-I Yeh, Howard R Seay, Ahmed G Elsayed, Amanda L Posgai and Todd M Brusko


Interest in adoptive T-cell therapies has been ignited by the recent clinical success of genetically-modified T cells in the cancer immunotherapy space. In addition to immune targeting for malignancies, this approach is now being explored for the establishment of immune tolerance with regulatory T cells (Tregs). Herein, we will summarize the basic science and clinical results emanating from trials directed at inducing durable immune regulation through administration of Tregs. We will discuss some of the current challenges facing the field in terms of maximizing cell purity, stability and expansion capacity, while also achieving feasibility and GMP production. Indeed, recent advances in methodologies for Treg isolation, expansion, and optimal source materials represent important strides toward these considerations. Finally, we will review the emerging genetic and biomaterial-based approaches on the horizon for directing Treg specificity to augment tissue-targeting and regenerative medicine.

Submitted for peer review: Mar 15 2018 Published: May 30 2018
DOI: 10.18609/cgti.2018.042
Citation: Cell Gene Therapy Insights 2018; 4(1), 405-429.
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