Global cell and gene therapy supply chain strategies at commercial scale 2020

Enabling clinical development of cell and gene therapies on a global basis - Podcast

Cell & Gene Therapy Insights 2020; 6(2), 373–385


Published: 21 April 2020
Brandon Fletcher, Tamie Joeckel, Martin Lachs, Olivier Saulin

Brandon Fletcher

Brandon Fletcher is a Biochemist and Cancer Immunologist with over 27 years of research experience; 23 in hematology-oncology and four in infectious disease. She has held roles in broad immune-oncology and cell and gene therapy research within academia and industry. Brandon is a collaborator with NCI’s origination of cancer CGTs and co-founded a global immune-oncology research training and support organization.

Tamie Joeckel

Tamie Joeckel started her career with Arthur Andersen & Co (now Accenture) as an ERP manufacturing and distribution systems consultant, and has over 20 years of experience in specialty biologics working in both clinical and commercialization sectors. A former senior executive at one of the largest drug distributors, she specialized in distribution, patient hub services and reimbursement support for newly approved therapies for oncology and rare diseases. For the last 6 years, Tamie has worked with cell and gene therapies as a global logistics and ecosystem expert. At ICON, she supports the Cell and Gene Therapy Solutions Group with ongoing strategy and innovation.

Martin Lachs

With over 28 years’ experience in clinical development, Martin has worked across a number of therapeutic areas whilst specializing in oncology. Martin heads up ICON’s Oncology and Cell Therapeutics Project Management Group, lending operational and indication expertise across a group of over 260 international project management staff globally, dedicated to oncology and cell therapy drug development. He has worked in developing key oncology site networks in the US and the UK and in 2020 was a member of a clinical trial review panel for University of Sydney affiliated hospitals. Martin has produced a number of position papers in the Pharmaceutical Press as well as hosting /presenting at numerous international events at scientific and pharma industry meetings. Recently the key focus of his publications has been thought leadership related to cell therapies in oncology, e.g., CAR T.

Olivier Saulin

Olivier Saulin has over 18 years of research experience in oncology and rare disease and holds a MS in Bio-chemistry. His expertise includes extensive roles in DM and project management for both sponsors and CROs; including large CAR-T programs in Phase 1 to Phase 3 trials. He has also worked on GMO studies involving gene therapy (AAV vector) and cell therapy products (CAR-t/lentivirus). Olivier is the EU cell and gene therapy expert for ICON supporting CGT teams. He co-developed the adoptive cell therapy training academy for the company and authors the internal cell and gene therapy newsletter.

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