BioInsights - Taking on solid tumors with genetically engineered macrophages

Taking on solid tumors with genetically engineered macrophages

Cell & Gene Therapy Insights 2019; 5(5), 639-645.


Published: 4 July 2019
Steven Kelly, Michael Klichinsky

Steven Kelly has been the President and CEO of CARISMA Therapeutics since February 2018. Before leading CARISMA, Mr Kelly was the founding CEO of Pinteon Therapeutics, an early stage Oncology and CNS development company. Prior to this he held a number of leadership positions in the biotechnology industry including: CEO, Theracrine; CCO, BioVex; CEO, Innovive Pharmaceuticals; as well as various commercial and manufacturing roles at Sanofi, IDEC Pharmaceuticals and Amgen. Mr Kelly holds a BS from the University of Oregon and an MBA from Cornell University.

Michael Klichinsky is a co-inventor of the CAR Macrophage technology and a scientific co-founder of Carisma Therapeutics Inc. In his role as VP of Discovery Research, he oversees the research and discovery efforts of the company. Michael developed CAR Macrophages during his doctoral thesis under the co-mentorship of Saar Gill and Carl June at the University of Pennsylvania. Michael’s scientific expertise is in the intersection of immunology, synthetic biology, cancer immunotherapy and translational pharmacology. Michael previously earned a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Sciences in Philadelphia, and a PhD in Pharmacology from the University of Pennsylvania.