Caribou prepares for Wall Street

Published: 9 July 2021

CAR T and NK cell therapy-focused biotech Caribou Biosciences has filed for a $100 million IPO.

Caribou was established in 2011, and counts Nobel laureate Jennifer Doudna among its co-founders. The company’s aim is to commercialize gene-edited cell therapies using a proprietary CRISPR technology. 

Currently Caribou is developing three allogeneic CAR T programs in blood cancer. The most advanced, CB-101, is an anti-CD19 CAR T that is in a phase I trial. Proceeds from the IPO will support the trial through initial data, as well as fund IND-enabling work for the other two.

In addition, the company is also working on natural killer (NK) cell therapies for solid tumors, and some of the new funds will also be used to support R&D and technology development. 

In the IPO filing, Caribou stated: “We believe that our technology has broad potential to generate gene and cell therapies in oncology and in therapeutic areas beyond oncology, including immune cell therapies, cell therapies derived from genome-edited iPSCs, and in vivo genome-editing therapies.”