Automate and close your cell therapy process with a flexible system: Sepax™ C-Pro capabilities

Published: 23 November 2021
Sonia Bulsara

Watch the video or read the poster to learn:

  • How the Sepax™ C-Pro system helps you automate and close multiple steps of your cell therapy manufacturing workflow
  • How to use the BeadWash C-Pro application software to prepare your cells for magnetic isolation, and automate the debulking, incubation, and washing
  • How to use the SpinOculation C-Pro application software to transfer genetic material into your cell product
  • How you can use the CultureWash C-Pro application software to concentrate and wash your fresh or frozen expanded cells

Sonia Bulsara is the USCAN Leader for the Cell and Gene Therapy Applications group at Cytiva, leading a team to drive new technology initiatives focused on cell and viral therapeutic manufacturing. She has been an expert in the cell therapy field for over 12 years and has helped implement tools within manufacturing groups around the world, moving from the process development to commercialized phases. Her background is in stem cells, T-cells, and biomedical engineering topics, such as the biomechanics of human bone and tissue.

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