Improving allogeneic manufacturing workflows

Published: 4 November 2021
Innovator Insight
Dr. Evan Zynda,
Dr. Aditi Singh

Allogeneic T-cell therapies have the potential to improve both the efficacy and accessibility of life-changing cellular therapeutics. However, before this new paradigm can be fully established, there remains a need for improved manufacturing workflows to enable consistent production of highly efficacious allogeneic T-cell therapies. One of the core components of these workflows is the media used for the expansion of healthy donor T cells. In particular, a medium that can rapidly facilitate high levels of T-cell proliferation, maintain the desired central memory T (TCM) phenotype, and increase immune responses by enhancing the production of cytokines such as interferon gamma (INFγ) is a much-needed solution. Gibco™ CTS™ OpTmizer™ Pro Serum-free Medium (SFM), a novel medium formulated for allogeneic workflows, has been developed to meet this need. The following article details the potential of CTS OpTmizer Pro SFM to improve both workflow efficiency and overall therapeutic efficacy.

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