Logistics by design: a framework for advanced therapy developers to create optimal Logistics Platforms

Cell Gene Therapy Insights 2018; 4(10), 1019-1040.


Published: 2 January 2019
Expert Insight
Simon Ellison, Ryan McCoy, Mark Bell, Kelly Frend

Advanced therapeutic medicinal products (ATMPs) are delivering a new wave of treatment options for unmet healthcare needs. Their impact however, will be severely truncated if supply chain infrastructure is unable to robustly and cost-effectively connect patient to product. Guaranteeing logistical success is becoming an ever-increasing focal point as the field rapidly delivers. Establishing a seamless development approach, including logistics, will be critical in delivering a successful commercial logistics strategy. Paramount to facilitating ATMP commercial realisation is a support structure for logistics planning. In this article we present ‘Logistics by Design’ (LbD) – a framework for logistics-based decision making, based in-part, on Quality by Design principles. This is accompanied by case studies that illustrate the value in applying LbD principles early in the development lifecycle, thereby de-risking the probability of logistics strategy failure.