Why we need a revolution for personalized cell therapies

Cell & Gene Therapy Insights 2022; 8(5), 689–695

DOI: 10.18609/cgti.2022.105

Published: 6 July 2022
Simone Steiner, Benjamin Gilgen, Eileen Pernot, Florence Salmon, Dorothea Ledergerber

The dawn of cell and gene therapies has revolutionized the treatment of several debilitating or deadly diseases. However, the current paradigm in the development of cell therapies needs a profound remodeling as the ecosystem that supports new innovative treatments is not fit for the future in terms of patient access, costs, speed, and ecological footprint. In addition, the gap between academia and industry is widely recognized by all but not addressed. Ignoring this elephant in the room is no longer an option as the industry strives to maintain a steady flow of life-saving innovative medicine reaching patients in need. One major improvement would be the use of closed manufacturing platforms, in a distributed setup but supported by standardized control, that could accelerate the translation of innovative treatments from bench to bedside. Reshaping the cell and gene therapy landscape needs a joint commitment of all stakeholders to ultimately offer the best possible personalized care to patients.