Efficient AAV purification with AAVX and AAV9 magnetic beads

Cell & Gene Therapy Insights 2024; 1(4), 659

DOI: 18609/cgti.2024.078

Published: 3 June
Shu Uin Gan

Watch the video or view the poster to find out

  • How to achieve high recovery and purity from crude AAV supernatant with a high binding capacity, and without the need for universal nuclease treatment
  • To what extent magnetic beads-based purification displays scalability, including demonstration of a successful 40-fold scale-up with excellent recovery
  • Why such a quick and simple method for bead-based AAV purification could have significant implications for gene therapy research

Shu Uin Gan is the Principal Investigator of Phoenix Lab of Gene and Cell Therapy, National University of Singapore. She has extensive experience working with AAV and lentiviral vectors and using them for treatment of diabetes and other metabolic diseases in animal models.