Manufacturing of endogenous, non-engineered, antigen specific T cells against tumor targets
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Manufacturing of endogenous, non-engineered, antigen specific T cells against tumor targets

Tuesday 08:00 PDT / 11:00 EDT / 16:00 BST / 17:00 CEST
Manufacturing of endogenous, non-engineered, antigen specific T cells against tumor targets

Immatics developed a proprietary tumor antigen targets discovery platform, XPRESIDENT®, which identifies novel tumor-specific targets and TCR candidates It also screens TCR candidates based on these targets against off-target toxicities in absence of reliable in vivo models. The ACTolog® approach utilizes the use of patient’s own (autologous) T cells that are selected based on tumor targets identified by Immatics’ XPRESIDENT® platform. The target specific T cells are identified and sorted from the overall patient T cell repertoire and expanded ex vivo before being infused back into the patient to fight the tumor. Up to 4 different antigen specific T cell products directed against several cancer targets that are confirmed to be expressed in the patient tumor biopsy are manufactured separately but concurrently before being infused.

In this live webinar Ali Mohamed, Vice President of CMC, Immatics US, Inc, will discuss the ACTolog® concept including the priming, isolation, sorting, and expansion of target specific T cells and present exemplary manufacturing and/or clinical data from the IMA101-101 trial utilizing the ACTolog® concept.

Miltenyi Biotec´s cell manufacturing platform provides investigators with workflow solutions that facilitate clinical translation of novel cell and gene therapies. In this live webinar, Megan Ciarlo, Technology and Applications Specialist, will provide insights into the MACSQuant® Tyto® Cell Sorter utilized by Immatics for sorting of T cells and discuss how new tools from Miltenyi Biotec facilitate reproducible flow cytometry-based IPC/QC processes.

Attendees will:

  • Which manufacturing steps are critical in achieving a successful manufacturing of autologous antigen specific T cells
  • What are the differences between endogenous antigen specific T cells products and engineered T cells like classical CAR or TCR T cells
  • How multiparametric and closed system cell sorting can be utilized in clinical application
  • How standardization tools help achieve reproducible QC/IPC of cellular products
Ali Mohamed
Ali Mohamed
Vice President, CMC at Immatics
Ali Mohamed, PhD, VP of CMC, Immatics US Inc. in Houston TX leading the development and manufacturing of Adoptive Cell Therapies for various solid cancers in collaborations with University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Dr. Mohamed has nearly 20 years of experience in process development and GMP manufacturing of regenerative medicine, cell and gene therapy products at various CMOs and clinical stage companies.

Before joining Immatics, Dr. Mohamed was the senior director of manufacturing operations/ manufacturing development at PCT (now HCATS) helping their clients manufacture cell & gene therapy products. Before joining PCT, Dr. Mohamed led the development of AlloCure’s MSCs for acute kidney injury and previous to that he helped Lonza clients develop various cell therapy products. Dr. Mohamed holds a PhD in Molecular Pharmacology from Medical College of Ohio and postdoctoral fellowship in neuroscience and neurobiology from the Georgetown University Institute of Cognitive and Computational Sciences (GICCS).
Megan Ciarlo
Megan Ciarlo
Technology & Applications Specialist at Miltenyi Biotec
Megan Ciarlo is a Technology and Applications Specialist with Miltenyi Biotec Inc. She has been with the company for over 6 years, joining right after graduation from UC Santa Barbara with a double major in Zoology and Dance. Over her time with the company, she became an expert in the MACSQuant Tyto technology and rose to be one of the lead Tyto Development and Applications Specialists in the organization. She has played an integral a role in the successful adoption of the technology in customer labs globally and has experience across a wide range of clinical and research applications.