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Automating cell manufacturing: customized solutions for research, development and industry

Automating cell manufacturing: customized solutions for research, development and industry

Cell therapy holds promise in improving outcomes for many difficult-to-treat diseases. However, this therapeutic strategy also comes with challenges that limit rollouts on a more impactful scale. Cell material is difficult to handle and maintain. Establishing a scalable and reliable manufacturing workflow is complex and very expensive, making the cost of developing and delivering cell therapies prohibitive. Furthermore, quality control processes for cell-based therapeutics pose unique issues compared to traditional pharmaceutical manufacturing. This webinar demonstrates how a streamlined solution that combines equipment, software and training can help tackle many of these challenges. Find out how to make cell manufacturing simpler and safer by automating custom processes on a closed platform, building bias-free quality control, and planning protocol-aligned training for your staff. The upshot is an easier transition from research to manufacturing.

  • Learn about the advantages of an integrated setup for automated cell manufacturing, in-process control and quality control
  • Find out how customization services accommodate unique process requirements
  • Understand aspects of process automation that facilitate the transition from research workflows to large-scale manufacturing
  • See how protocol-aligned training programs promote quality and safety within cell manufacturing and quality control teams
  • Discover strategies to overcome challenges in cell manufacturing and quality control based on a bespoke solution for your specific application.

Dr. Marko Gogala

Product Manager, Miltenyi Biotec

Dr. Marko Gogala is an experienced product manager in the biotech industry specializing in lab automation and biomanufacturing processes. In his current role, he is responsible for Miltenyi Services in the area of Cell Culture and Processing, where he collaborates with expert teams that plan, design and deploy customized applications and trainings to optimize, automate and scale up cell manufacturing. He has a Ph.D. from the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich


Marko Gogala
Marko Gogala
Product Manager at Miltenyi Biotec

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