Build vs buy dilemma: economics of manufacturing cell-based therapies
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Build vs buy dilemma: economics of manufacturing cell-based therapies

Thursday 08:00 PDT / 11:00 EDT / 16:00 BST / 17:00 CEST
Build vs buy dilemma: economics of manufacturing cell-based therapies

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The remarkable success enjoyed by cell-based therapies, particularly CAR T therapies, has propelled manufacturers and the financial sector to invest tremendous effort and capital in this space. This acceleration has led to major bottlenecks in manufacturing capacity and shortage of raw materials, both of which were exaggerated during the pandemic. The industry’s frenzied push to resolve these challenges have kept the build vs. buy conversation center stage.

The recent market downturn and its inevitable economic impact has re-ignited the build vs. buy debate. Many pharma and biotech companies are re-thinking their strategies, including the use of their capital to strengthen their pipeline assets rather than building out their own cell therapy manufacturing facilities.

Given these developments, it is vital that cell therapy developers and their investors revisit the build vs buy strategy, assess the pros and cons, and design new models to make these life-changing therapies a reality.

This webinar will showcase:

  • Key considerations related to the build vs buy decision for cell therapy manufacturing 
  • Flexible and sustainable design strategies and best practices 
  • Contingency planning based on current market conditions and exit strategies
Nirupama (Rupa) Pike
Nirupama (Rupa) Pike
Senior Director of Technical Affairs , Advanced Therapies, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Rupa is the Sr. Director of Technical Affairs for Advanced Therapies at Thermo Fisher Scientific. The Office of Technical Affairs comprises scientific experts that serve as a strategic, innovational and educational leaders in the area of cell-based therapies, plasmids and mRNA therapeutics. In her prior role as the Director of Enterprise Science and Innovation Partnerships, she developed and managed strategic partnerships with global BioPharma, Biotech and Healthcare customers in the area of  Cell and Gene Therapy. Prior to this, she was the Head of Technical Operations (Patheon/Thermo Fisher Scientific) where she worked closely with customers to conduct technology transfer and process optimization activities related to GMP manufacturing of cell-based therapies. She has over 15 years of expertise in GMP manufacturing and has successfully led GMP operations, Process Development and MSAT activities, infrastructure buildout, customer relations and business development. In her past roles, she has been the Director of Cell Manufacturing for Program for Advanced Cell Therapy- UW Hospitals and Clinics. At Ligand Pharmaceuticals, she was part of the team that designed novel hematopoietic screening assays for erythropoietin and thrombopoietin in partnership with GlaxoSmithKline, a part of the program that led to development of Promacta®.