BioInsights - Viral vector manufacturing process - addressing bottlenecks with innovative solutions
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Viral vector manufacturing process - addressing bottlenecks with innovative solutions

Viral vector manufacturing process - addressing bottlenecks with innovative solutions

In this webinar, we will share multiple applications and technologies that can address current manufacturing challenges and solutions to increase overall viral vector yield in various stages throughout the development and manufacturing processes. We will begin with strategies for intensifying plasmid DNA production, to secure the demand and quality of the raw material for AAV production. We will also discuss strategies to overcome the pain points associated with AAV and lentivirus production and purification at various manufacturing scales. 

Case studies will be presented to demonstrate the progress associated with process intensification and optimization from bench top development to large-scale commercial manufacturing. Finally, we will explore enhancing viral vector overall process yield by integrating the advanced technology solutions for both upstream suspension cell culture (perfusion mode) and downstream (UF/DF, chromatography) processing. With the goal of continuous process improvement, we hope to provide solutions that may help address your manufacturing or scale-up bottlenecks.

Attend this webinar to learn about:

  • Integration of in-process control analytics for bacterial growth optimization and plasmid DNA concertation and purity
  • TFDF perfusion platform enabling AAV production yield and simplification of AAV lysate clarification
  • Intensification of lentivirus production yield through continuous and/or multiple harvest clarificationIntensifying AAV large scale recovery purification yield using a single-use ARTeSYN chromatography technology

Rachel Legmann, PhD

Senior Director of Technology, Gene Therapy, Repligen

Rachel has more than 20 years of experience in the field of scalable biologics and gene therapy manufacturing of therapeutic products, viral vectors and proteins for gene therapy and biologics. She completed her Ph.D. in Food Engineering and Biotechnology at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Israel. Rachel joined Repligen in 2021 as a subject matter expert offering technical assistance to help customers achieve their technical and operational objectives in their manufacturing of virus-based therapeutics with a focus on gene therapy processes including upstream, downstream, analytics and scalability. In addition to supporting global customers and building high level networks, Rachel is supporting various internal cross-functional activities and external collaborations. Prior to joining Repligen, Rachel held several scientific and leadership roles at Microbiology & Molecular Genetics department at Harvard Medical School, CRO SBH Sciences, Seahorse Biosciences part of Agilent, CDMO Goodwin Biotechnology and Pall Corp part of Danaher.


 Rachel Legmann
Rachel Legmann
Senior Director of Technology, Gene Therapy, Repligen

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