BioInsights - How to secure and standardize your cell expansion
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How to secure and standardize your cell expansion

How to secure and standardize your cell expansion

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Manual cell expansion: variable and prone to errors. Especially when multiple operators are involved. One solution? Automation, which can improve the reproducibility and quality of your cellular products. How exactly can you automate and close the cell expansion step with the Xuri™ W25 cell expansion system? And, how can UNICORN™ software be utilized to control critical aspects of the cell expansion runs, themselves? Join us for our webinar, How to secure and standardize your cell expansion, to find out. Plus, team members from Anocca will share their first-hand experiences with Xuri™ W25 system and UNICORN™ software implementation — including why the team moved to these solutions, the advantages they’ve experienced, and how the solutions are currently being utilized.

Attend this webinar to:

  • Understand the benefits of increasing cell expansion automation, including enhanced reproducibility, improved product quality, and reduced processing timeframes 
  • Learn about the full range of capabilities and benefits of UNICORN™ software methods in harness with the Xuri™ W25 system

Anette Brass, PhD

Head of GMP Process Development, Anocca AB

Anette joined Anocca in 2014 as scientist. During her time at Anocca she has since achieved the title Principal Scientist and has occupied the roles of Head of Quality Control, Head of Specimen Core, and Head of Cell Analysis Core. Since 2018 she is Head of GMP Process Development, leading a 10-person strong team of scientists and bioengineers in preparing the company's assets for clinical manufacture. Throughout her time at Anocca Anette has been a leading figure in establishment of cell-based assays for Quality Control, single cell sorting, multimer validation, and characterization of clinical assets. Anette teaches in-house courses on flow cytometry and aseptic work methods, and is part of the company's biosafety committee. Anette holds a PhD in immunology and a diploma in biochemistry & molecular biology that she obtained at the University of Hamburg, Germany. Anette came to Sweden in 2009 to pursue a post-doc at KI Huddinge in the group of Matti Sällberg where she worked with therapeutic DNA vaccines against Hepatitis B and C before joining Anocca.

Paula Villaescusa Sánchez

Field Application Specialist, CGT, Cytiva

Paula joined Cytiva in 2019 as Field Application Specialist for Cell and Gene Therapy in EMEA. In her role, she supports customers to facilitate their process automation, by providing expert advice and application support. She provides training on the manual operations and full automation with the Xuri™ W25 cell expansion system. Previously, she worked as Sr. Technology Development Associate at Lonza Netherlands, where she led the method transfer of ATMPs from external clients to the CMO. She was responsible for the execution of QC assays' mapping, risk assessments, and gap analysis to ensure GMP compliance. Moreover, she designed the validation approach for non-compendial assays for quality control testing according to ATMP guidelines. Among other roles, Paula worked as Research Associate at Biokit, A Werfen company in Barcelona, where she held the research assignment to maintain hybridoma cell cultures and worked on the optimization of transient protein expression in CHO-S cells. She holds an M. Sc. in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Barcelona and has knowledge of academia, biotech, and the CMO industry.


Anette Brass
Anette Brass
Head, Process Development at Anocca AB
Paula Villaescusa Sánchez
Paula Villaescusa Sánchez
Field Application Specialist at Cytiva

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