The latest developments in CAR-T cell manufacturing
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The latest developments in CAR-T cell manufacturing

Thursday 08:00 PDT / 11:00 EDT / 16:00 BST / 17:00 CEST
The latest developments in CAR-T cell manufacturing

Automate your CAR-T cell manufacturing

Watch this engaging webinar to hear leading expert Dr Isabelle Riviere, Memorial Sloan Kettering Institute, USA, discussing the latest advances in CAR-T cell manufacturing.

The promising clinical results achieved in cancer patients treated with CAR-T cells has provided optimism and subsequent investment in the development of this technology. As we move towards the clinic, it is essential that reproducible manufacturing processes that generate high-quality, clinical-grade CAR-T cell products are developed and refined.

This engaging webinar features:

  • An overview of current manufacturing platforms being utilized within the industry
  • An an update on the status of CAR-T cell clinical trials and outcomes to thus far
  • A discussion around the current challenges in manufacturing CAR-T cells and approaches to overcoming these
  • Insight into next-generation platforms and requirements to accelerate CAR-T commercialization

Isabelle Riviere
Isabelle Riviere
Dr Rivière received her PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology from the University of Paris. She initiated her graduate studies at the Institut Curie in Paris and completed her thesis in the laboratory of Dr.Mulligan at the Whitehead Institute in Cambridge, MA. During this time, she developed novel retroviral vectors for in vivo long-term expression of transgenes in hematopoietic cells using MFG/SFG-based retroviral vectors that are widely used in clinical studies for the treatment of genetic and acquired disorders. She is currently the Director of the Michael G. Harris Cell Therapy and Cell Engineering Facility where she investigates the genetic modification of hematopoietic cells to increase or retarget the immune response against tumors. Her laboratory has developed cell manufacturing platforms under cGMP conditions for several Phase I/II clinical trials and currently supports 8 CAR-T cell based clinical trials under 5 INDs at MSK. She actively participated in the National Cell Manufacturing Consortium Workshop that has led to the establishment of the Technology Roadmap to 2025 for Achieving Large Scale, Cost effective, Reproducible Manufacturing of High-Quality Cells.