Navigating cold chain complexity with innovative solutions
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Navigating cold chain complexity with innovative solutions

Wednesday 08:00 PDT / 11:00 EDT / 16:00 BST / 17:00 CEST
Navigating cold chain complexity with innovative solutions

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The pharmaceutical industry is advancing rapidly, propelled by the development of cutting-edge therapies that require stringent temperature-controlled environments. This webinar tackles the critical challenges in maintaining the integrity of the cold chain, which is vital for ensuring the efficacy and safety of temperature-sensitive products such as cell and gene therapies, vaccines, and other biologics.

Participants will gain valuable insights into innovative technologies and best practices that enhance the efficiency and reliability of the temperature-controlled advanced therapies supply chain. A real-world case study will be shared, describing how novel packaging and labeling processes at cryogenic temperatures supported the transition of an advanced therapy product to the commercialization stages.

This session is essential for professionals seeking to understand and navigate the complexities of managing the cryogenic cold chain, ultimately supporting the successful development and commercialization of advanced therapies.

Attend this webinar to:

  • Grow your knowledge of specific regulatory and logistical requirements for cell and gene therapies, mRNA vaccines, and other critical materials
  • Understand how to maintain cold chain integrity and satisfy regulators' requirements when making the transition from clinical to commercial phases
  • Update yourself on the cutting edge of technology that supports cold and ultracold packaging and labeling for temperature-sensitive products
  • Explore the future of cold chain management and discover strategies to optimize your advanced therapy clinical trial
Susan Li
Susan Li
Senior Client Services and Solutions Director at Thermo Fisher Scientific

Susan Li joined Thermo Fisher BioServices & Specialty Logistics in Nov 2020 as director of customer solutions and SME for Cell & Gene Therapy. She and her team develop innovative and customized solutions to support many clients to conduct global clinical trials and commercial distribution. Susan was promoted to the senior director of client services & solution service in May 2023. In this role, Susan increases collaboration across the group to provide best-in-class support for customer experience and onboarding.

Susan gained in-depth knowledge of cell therapy supply chain solutions from her role at Celgene (now Bristol Myers Squibb) as Director of Cell Therapy Logistics. There, she developed clinical and commercial supply chain strategy to support the launch of autologous CAR-T cell therapy products.

Susan has extensive experience as a senior healthcare cold chain logistics strategist at United Parcel Service. Susan also has marketing commercial operation experience from Abbott Laboratories and drug discovery research knowledge from AstraZeneca as a molecular biologist.