Short and long-term impacts of AAV process optimization on your gene therapy pipeline
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Short and long-term impacts of AAV process optimization on your gene therapy pipeline

Wednesday 08:00 PDT / 11:00 EDT / 16:00 BST / 17:00 CEST
Short and long-term impacts of AAV process optimization on your gene therapy pipeline

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High yield, high quality, and high-efficiency AAV production is essential for advancing gene therapy. Producing enough viral particles in a cost-effective way for medium to high dose indications, and moderate to large prevalence diseases poses significant challenges.

To meet demand, manufacturers often scale out and scale-up, investing in facilities, equipment, and personnel. Upstream process optimization offers a key solution to increase overall yields and alleviate capacity constraints while removing economic barriers as processes move from the clinic to commercialization.

This webinar will explore the applying an economic model to quantify the impact of upstream process optimization with varying transfection technologies using real-world case studies. We will evaluate fold improvements in AAV titer, percent full capsids, batch cost, and cost-per dose comparisons.

Considerations for changing processes supporting early clinical AAV assets will be discussed from economic and practical viewpoints. Further, long range economic modelling will demonstrate the impact of decisions made during process development on commercial manufacturing. Lastly, webinar participants will have the opportunity to witness simulations in real-time with a new AAV manufacturing cost calculator.

Attend this webinar to learn about:

  • A case study which demonstrates how to reduce cost per dose and overall cost of investment by optimizing upstream AAV processes for AAV titer and percent full capsids
  • How a CMDO is able to reduce their cost per dose using AAV transfection systems
  • Utilizing an AAV manufacturing cost calculator to customize results for process developments
Fletcher Malcom
Fletcher Malcom
Director of Strategy, Product and Business Development at Mirus Bio

Fletcher is a creative biotech industry professional with subject matter expertise in product strategy and bringing new products to market. In his current role, he leads the strategy, product management, and business development functions at Mirus Bio.

Previous to his role at Mirus Bio, Fletcher was Head of Product at Nanopareil where he designed and executed product strategy. Prior to Nanopareil he helped develop and launch Repligen’s OPUS® pre-packed column product line in 2012 and spent 9 years building the business into the market segment leader. From 2012-2021, Fletcher spearheaded more than 10 go-to-market product launch campaigns and worked closely with end-users to implement the technology for cGMP applications. Passionate about new technology, Fletcher is driven by his vision of delivering transformative products to the bioprocessing industry. He holds a BA in chemistry from Hamilton College and an MBA from Babson College.