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Sponsorship Opportunities

We offer a broad range of options to help you reach your target audience, any of which can be tailored to match your current marketing and business development priorities. These include Interviews, Expert Roundtables, Podcasts, Webinars, Articles, Video Presentations, Infographics and more. 

Expert Roundtables
Video Presentations


Our Editorial team can interview one or more of your senior executives or scientists, with the resulting video, podcast and/or transcript included in an issue of the online journal.

Here you can see some examples of previous interviews for our clients:

Interview with Sadia L’Baouch
Chief Manufacturing Officer, Ixaka

Interview with Anna Tretiakova PhD and Shari Gordon
Anna Tretiakova PhD, Senior Vice President of Product Development, Asklepios Biopharmaceutical (Ask Bio) and Shari Gordon, Senior Director of Immunology, Asklepios Biopharmaceutical (Ask Bio)

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In order to further enhance your interview, we can record it as a podcast. Here you can see some examples of podcasts we have created with our clients, with accompanying written interview published in the journal:

Introducing flexibility to automation to unleash the power of biology
Podcast Interview with Markus Gershater for Synthace

Maximizing speed to market: flexibility benefits of single-use technology for gene therapy manufacture
Podcast Interview with Hélène Pora for Pall Biotech

Transcript of the recorded podcastpublished in Cell and Gene Therapy Insights

Transcript of the recorded podcast published in Cell and Gene Therapy Insights 

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Free access publication of submitted articles includes peer review and a full promotional package to maximise readership.

Expert Roundtables

On demand Expert Roundtables provide powerful tools for you to generate qualified leads and/or position your thought-leader(s) at the heart of the debate around a topic of key importance to your company.

Our editorial team works closely with you to identify discussion points and convene a panel of KOLs. 

Scale-up considerations for improved yield in upstream viral vector production
Critical needs and challenges for the cell and gene therapy raw materials supply chain
Expert Roundtable Video for FujiFilm and IrvineScientific

Scale-up considerations for improved yield in upstream viral vector production
Transcript of the recorded roundtablepublished in Cell and Gene Therapy Insights

Critical needs & challenges for the cell & gene therapy raw materials supply chain
Transcript of the recorded roundtable published in Cell and Gene Therapy Insights

Either the video and/or the article can be gated to generate leads if you wish.

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Presenting a webinar with Cell & Gene Therapy Insights gives you an efficient and cost-effective way to:

  • Generate qualified leads from amongst the global cell and gene therapy community
  • Demonstrate your company’s expertise and capabilities
  • Stimulate discussion around a topic of significant importance to your customers
  • Educate individuals on crucial regulatory, scientific or technical issues
  • Make a noise around a new product or service offering launch

Our webinar packages include:

  • As much support as you need in terms of topic selection and agenda development, format selection, and speaker panel identification and invitation
  • Full hosting and technical support, including rehearsals as needed
  • A comprehensive promotional plan, including multiple email shots to our database , website and enewsletter marketing, and social media
  • A host from our editorial team to ensure the webinar runs smoothly on the day
  • Registration and attendee lists for the webinar
  • A report on the questions submitted during the live webinar so you can follow up directly with individuals afterwards and continue the discussion
  • Hosting of the webinar recording on an indefinite basis with ongoing lead generation
  • On-demand webinar provided to you for hosting on your own site
  • The option to publish a poster or an article article based on the transcript of the webinar, repurposing your presentation into written format

Download our webinar guide here

Webinars can stand alone or can be included in a Spotlight, depending on the topic and timing fit.

Here you can see some examples of previous webinars for our clients:

Panel-style webinar with accompanying transcript
for Sartorius

Presentation-style webinar with Q&A 
for Cevec

Webinar transcript for the above webinar, published as an Innovator Insight in Cell and Gene Therapy Insights

You can view all of our on-demand webinars here.

Please contact to discuss options and availability.

Video presentations

We offer two options for video presentations:

  • Live 30 minute presentation, proving you with a great chance to showcase your technology or service to time-poor executives and scientists
  • On demand 10 minute FastFacts videos, ideal for presenting new data, app notes and case studies, and accompanied by a poster summarising the key learning points


If you are looking for alternative ways to present your data, educate your target audience or just to present your information in a more memorable and engaging way, our design team can work with you to create an infographic. Infographics can aid comprehension. improve retention of information and boost engagement.

For a sample of one of our infographics for a client, click here.

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